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Obama and his Cell Phone.

   As we get closer and are now less then 3 weeks away it is getting down to that time.  America votes on November 4, 2008 and like last week we still have that burning question which cell phones do our leaders use?

   Last week we asked the question about John McCain.  This week we are wondering about Barack Obama himself.  We presume that Barack Obama is more technology friendly then John McCain.  Mr. Obama never stated that he doesn’t know how to use a computer or email.  Also Obama is 25 years younger then McCain at 47 years old.

   Now the question is what kind of cell phone does he use?  Is he a smart phone type or a simple make a call type like with a Razr?  Obama looks like a simple man.  He looks like a man that doesn’t get too tied down by technology, even though he is a big advocate for technology.

  For the answer to this question check back next Tuesday for the answer and for a new entry into our blog and until then why not check out our Bluetooth headsets for a safer driving experience