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Nokia Lumia 920 ranks as most popular Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 920 Most popular Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 ranks as most popular Windows Phone


If the Windows Phone OS were a high school and the Nokia Lumia 920 were a student there, it would be the school star quarterback or head cheerleader. Citing data from AdDuplex, BGR says the flagship Nokia phone is "the most popular smartphone running Microsoft’s (MSFT) mobile operating system." It doesn't come as a huge surprise; the device is so strikingly attractive that even the Nokia carrying cases and accessories designed for it take a cue from its bold, colorful aesthetic.

Incipio Feather Case for Nokia Lumia 920 in Blue Incipio Feather Case for Nokia Lumia 920 in Blue


The bright, eye-popping color of Nokia carrying cases, like Incipio's Feather Case, or other gadgets, like the Lumia 920 Wireless Charging plate, are just two such examples.

Nokia Wireless Charging Plates Nokia Wireless Charging Plates in bright colors to match the Lumia 920 line


But popularity isn't always about looks. And it may just be that Nokia tends to make a better phone. "in fact," says BGR, "AdDuplex found that Nokia accounts eight of the top 10 most popular Windows Phone devices, with HTC accounting for the remaining two."

But the sleek and punchy appeal of the Lumia 920 is hard to deny, and the device does have a pretty unique and memorable style. And if you're among the WIndows Phone users who prefer this latest flagship Nokia phone, you'll probably agree that bright and vibrant Nokia accessories, like flashy blue and yellow carrying cases and color-coordinated charging pads, are definitely in keeping with the spirit of this popular handset.

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