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Nokia E75 NAM Arriving At PureMobile

So this week brings us some really good news.  The Nokia E75 NAM (North American version) is coming to PureMobile this week.   That means that you'll be able to use North American HSDP or 3G with the phone rather then having to suffer on the slower EDGE network.

This is great news.  This means all the goodies that come wiht the Nokia E75 will be finally fully available.  You get the convenience of Nokia's first slider phone, Wi-Fi,  MicroSD support with a 4GB card included.

According to a review from Softpedia for the display quality

...As usual, the colors, the contrast, as well as the quality of the image displayed are flawless. Add to that perfect sunlight eligibility and you get an excellent display that can meet any user’s expectations....

And in a review from MobileBurn the have a positive review of the keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard is extremely pleasurable to type on, with large keys and easy-to-read labels. Like the numeric keypad, the QWERTY keyboard's backlight is bright and even, illuminating even the outer keys. There is also some space between the top keys and the top half of the phone, so you shouldn't have any trouble hitting these top keys.

From the reviews this seems to be a very good phone and with the Nokia E75 NAM now released everyone can enjoy the phone

Nokia e75 NAM

[image: BoyGeniusReport]

3 thoughts on “Nokia E75 NAM Arriving At PureMobile”

  • David

    What a phone,cant believe this

  • Joanne

    I have been using Nokia e-75 for a while now; however I find that the speed of the processor is pretty slower as compared to my old cell. Can it be upgraded to fix my issue; else I might have to dump this.

  • Keeb

    i own both opitmus black and opitmus 3Das compared to galaxy s and s2 and others(my cousins have)there's not much of a difference in day to day performance, they are great phonesthe downside though is that lg is late in software updates and support but still lg is providing ICS for both(shouldn't provide more than one update but still lg is doing it!)