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Nokia and Firefox Team Up

Firefox has been working hard to get its web browsing applications to your Nokia N900 and N810 black unlocked GSM mobile phone .  They have taken all of their fantastic browsing tools and have put it into a great download for your phone.  The Firefox Mobile 1.0 is ready for you to use.  You can download it directly from the Firefox website by picking the one for your model of Nokia.

Firefox logo

So what all does it do?  Well, for those that are familiar with the fast browsing and enhanced security that Firefox has provided to PC users, you will love what it does for the phone.  It has many of the same features.  All of your tabs and controls will be able to be seen on your screen. They will be on the side of the screen for easy viewing.  Just by a quick touch, you will be able to bookmark all of your favorite sites.  You will simply touch to use any tabs or any of the plug ins.  You can even zoom in.

Nokia N900 Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

The Awesome Bar will do your searching and get you to your favorite sites without having to type in the long addresses.  You can install any of the add ons to make the browser your own.  The password manager will remember those passwords so you will not have to keep typing them in over and over.  You can always see whatever tabs you have open by just touching them.  It has maps and local information through its Location-Aware Browsing.  If you use Firefox at home you can use Weave Sync that will transfer all of your history, tabs and bookmarks right to your Nokia N900 unlocked or Nokia 810.