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Next Genneration Sony Xperia - Hero Device or Flop?

By Adhurim Murtezai
We love the glitz and glamourous  glimpses of the Next Best Thing to hit the market; despite the fact that the consumer is the only factor that influences a product's market success.    So eager reader, here is another shot of teaser eye candy leaked from Hong Kong  -  the next generation Sony Xperia smartphone, codenamed Nozomi.  Compared to this beauty’s underground debut last month, the newest glimpse showcases this newest Xperia member in even better light.Next Genneration Sony Xperia - Hero Device or Flop?

From the limited information that be can be gleaned, Nozomi appears to be running the new version of the Xperia skin. The Android Gingerbread OS looks to be the platform version du jour, but Ice Cream Sandwich is just around the corner. And, the three dots lined along the bottom of the screen are speculated as potential place holders for a future ICS upgrade. That remains to be seen.  Discover the latest innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands

The informant was able to confirm that a dual-core chip powering this gem - hinting to a  Snapdragon S4.   As for the screen... it is  beautiful, clear 720pixels - protect your devices a screen protector to ensure scratch free glass and further enhance your devices with stylus & pens.  The Nozomi 's slim design can be personalized with high-quality skins and protected with trend-setting cases.

While it is currently being tested in Asian markets, no announcements have been made for North American availability or whether Nozomi will be made more widely available as an unlocked cell phone.

Will be sure to report the juicier details when they are made available, so stay posted!

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