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New Years Resolutions For Samsung

2014 is approaching rapidly and PureMobile is taking stock of what we think some of the World's largest tech companies should set as their personal New Years Resolutions. First up is Samsung. in 2013 Samsung released the first smartwatch, a series of tablets, phablets, and even more phones. But what resolutions should they strive to follow in 2014? Read below to see what we think!

#1 - Don't Give Up On The Smartwatch

I would never, ever wear one. I don't know many people who would. But, let's be fair. Once Apple jumps into the smartwatch arms race they will be everywhere. Maybe the Galaxy Gear is a somewhat flawed product, but you can guess bet Samsung knows what is wrong with their first wrist hugging smartphone thing and will be making resolutions to improve it.

#2 - The Galaxy S5 Has To Be Awesome

This goes without saying, resolutions aside, that your flagship product has to rock. I personally believe Apple is as vulnerable as they'll ever be. The world still thinks they are weaker for losing Steve Jobs. The Apple iPhone 5S was cool I guess, but not revolutionary. Ditto for the iPad Air for being cool I suppose. Samsung has a unique chance to sucker punch Apple with the Samsung Galaxy S5. So. Don't just throw a fingerprint reader in it. Don't just adopt 64-bit processors. Wow us with a phone that puts doubt in Apple fanboys and fangirls everywhere. There is no better time to take a shot at your biggest rival Samsung.

#3 - Get In Or Get Out When It Comes To Video Games

Going out on a limb here, but Samsung has a major stake in the Android game market. While they remain in second to IOS games, they could improve that standing by finding a partner in console gaming. Whether or not it's Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony, Samsung would have a lot to gain by bringing some sort of second-screen compatibility to a major video game console. Think about it. Your games on TV, with your phone as a controller, and you aren't paying hardware costs for any of it. Resolution? More like priority.