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New Years Resolutions For BlackBerry

No company has had it as rough as BlackBerry has this year. With good news few and very far between, the embattled Canadian company has seen its stock plummet to the point that it is bleeding money, employees, and anything else it can to stay relevant. Besides avoiding falling on their faces, BlackBerry should be trying to do anything and everything to keep going into 2014. Here is our list of potential New Years Resolutions for BlackBerry.

#1 - Do One Thing Really Well

Stop trying to Apple, Samsung, or Windows. BlackBerry could be dominating the business world if it stuck to its niche. If it wasn't for BlackBerry's sullied name they would likely still be well respected in the business world. In 2014 BlackBerry should try to reinvent itself as the ultimate business phone, instead of trying to be a mediocre iPhone.

#2 - Bring Back The Keyboard Full Time

BlackBerry users love their QWERTY keyboards. They are crazy for them. Maybe some are sold on touch-screens, but diehard BlackBerry fans are all about physical keyboards. Whether it's a case of familiarity, or the perceived durability, the QWERTY keyboard is, and should continue to be, the cash cow for this ailing company.

#3 - Pony Up And Make A Real Phone

BlackBerry this year released a phone called the Z30. It was a spec'd up version of the flailing Z10. The only issue was that this souped up Z10 still lagged behind dated devices like the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Seriously though BlackBerry, do this. Take a Q10. Ram it full of RAM, power, and memory. Give it an HD screen and a slick browser and put it in the hands of every CEO who will say "sure". Don't skimp out. There is no excuse for making a phone that stutters when you open the browser in 2014. Find your niche and own it BlackBerry.