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Best Apps New Android Users Need To Know About

The strength of Android technology was recently affirmed this weekend with incredible sales following the launch of the Verizon DROID, largely driven by excitement over the phone's reputation for high quality performance and unique features. In addition to the DROID, other cell phones using the Android platform, such as the DROID Eris and the Sprint moment have recently become available. There are literally thousands of apps for the DROID, with a select few standing out from the rest.


The apps generating the most buzz include: Flixster, Meridian, Flyscreen, Nesoid, Twidroid, Qik/Ustream, TED, Barcode Reader, 3Banana, and Power Manager. All of these are free except for Nesoid, which costs $1.99, and Power manager, coming in at $.99. Flixster provides information on movies, reviews and show times. Meridian is considered the best media player for the Android system and plays MP3, MP4, OGG and 3GPP files. Flyscreen is a lock screen replacement offering widgets on a customizable canvas. Nesoid is a highly-reviews NES emulator, which also comes in a Lite version. Twidroid is a Twitter client, as could be guessed from its creative name. Qik/Ustream are two of the many video streaming service available with Android. TED, which features a diverse array of lectures from the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference, is one of the highest reviewed apps. Barcode Reader and Power Manager are self-explanatory, while 3Banana syncs notes and images from the mobile to your computer.

While Meridian, Nesoid, and TED have so far been the highest reviewed features, room for improvement in some of the apps has also been noted. Meridian is considered the best media player for Android, although the general performance of media players with Android cell phones has been criticized significantly. Users will enjoy the TED app as a fun educational tool, with access to lectures from speakers such as Bill Clinton with the touch of a button. These ten apps may be some of the best Android has to offer, but there are many more quality apps out there waiting to be explored as well.