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Twitter iPhone update

You might have noticed that the official Twitter app received an update for unlocked iphone 4. The new update will not add any huge features as was seen in previous versions of the app, but it does look as if the quick bar tht was added will be a bit helpful. The “quick bar” was added to give you the currently trending topics based on your location with just the click of the button. Some users reported that shortly after they updated their app that they were having trouble re-opening the app. These problems seemed to be a bit isolated and were not experienced across the entire user base.

Now the version 3.3.1 is live for the first time. Most of the main upgrades that were included in the update fixed some of the more common crashing issues that have been reported with the app. Also included in the app update were a number of security fixes. These were accompanied by some improved performance updates that should make the app much more usable and phones that do not have the heavy hardware that the top notch phones do.


The total upgrade is a little bit more than six megabytes in the app store. some of the older versions of the app were also phased out with the update, but those versions were quite early so if you have updated any time recently then you have nothing to worry about.

Users that had trouble with the update have already taken to the iphone 4 unlocked and other iOS devices and have found some fixes for the update issues. Many users choose to use a third party Twitter application instead of the main one so that might keep some from noticing the same issues.