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1080p video recording with the latest OmniVision Camera

Chances are that you have heard of video recording at 720p, in fact you might even have a unlocked phone that supports this. But have you heard of a camera that can record at 1080p? While you might think such technology does not exist, OmniVision is out to prove you wrong with its recently introduced mobile video recording capabilities. This state of the art system-on-a-chip 5MP camera consists of CMOS sensors that can record at 30 frames per second. According to OmniVision, if you decide to record at 720p, video is record at 60frames per second. Apart from the wonders of the camera, there are also many other functionalities of the OV5640 such as the ability of image stabilization and autofocus. With dimensions of 8.5mm x 8.5mm x 5mm, you can be sure that you will have in your hands one of the thinnest mobiles around. Scheduled for mass production in the second half of 2010, the OV5640 is certain to turn heads.

The 5 MP camera of OmniVision makes use of a single chip, thereby making it much easier to tune as compared to two chip solutions. At the same time, not only can it be easily platform integrated, but it is also much cheaper in terms of cost to users.  Since the sensor is embedded with AF controls using a voice coil, end customers can expect greater cost savings. In short, the OV5640 is an extremely viable option that offers much greater pixel resolution of other 5MP cameras currently available in the market. In fact the SOC sensor also benefits handset manufacturers as they can devise extremely low cost solutions.

Since analysts have predicted that by the end of 2012 nearly 40% of all unlocked mobile phones in the market would make use of 5MP cameras, there is increased pressure on such cameras to offer much better pixel quality. This is what OmniVision has been able to achieve with constituency