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OS 6 Media Player for the Blackberry and the Webkit browser tour

We recently received some great bits of tantalizing information where we got to check out some new toys for the Blackberry Unlocked Smartphone OS 6 which comprised of the Blackberry OS Although we have laid our eyes on the Blackberry 6 a number of times through various means, this has been probably one of the closer and more definitive looks that we have got for this product. The OS has not yet been completed as far as what we have seen from the reports that we have got. However the Facebook app and the entire app world is on its way. This new version apparently has better HTML capability for the emails that you want to send but we honestly have not got to see anything as such. The new feature which we found out was the virtual color coding of the messages which was pretty interesting.

Other than this there is also a nice way in which you can keep a check on all the applications which you use most frequently on your cell phone and which take up most of your app memory stock. There is also a rumor that this will come with 512 MB memory and we are hoping that this will allow better memory management in this device. Most notably there is one media application which seems to be new and is called the Web Video Search. This one comes with the OS 6 but we cannot say whether it is a preload from any carrier like Verizon. Irrespective of that, we like what this app provides users with, by giving them an easier way of enjoying YouTube and other similar video web pages.

We have also caught sight of some keypad demos which are pretty good. The Webkit browser is also something we have got reports of but right now, nothing is confirmed.  However we can gather that the experience of browsing on the OS 6 is a great leap.