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New Research In Motion Patent Targets Touchscreen Display

Research In Motion will be releasing a large number of different smart devices this year. Although the company has been known for their business phones such as Bold 9780, Torch 9800 unlocked, etc.. that usually come complete with a full QWERTY keyboard, the company has been looking farther into touch screen technology over the course of the last few months, and a recent patent issued by the company shows that they have gone as far as create their own touch screen technology.


The BlackBerry 7 was recently announced, and with the upcoming PlayBook tablet just on the horizon, many have wondered what the company is working on now. It appears that they are going to be looking to release touch screen devices.


The patent, which was appropriately named “Touch Sensitive Display with Capacitive and Resistive Touch Sensors and Method Control,” is described as a display that will detect the users touch with a resistive touch sensor as well as a touch sensitive display. The patent shows that the technology examines text areas, the force of the touch, and does its best to determine what the intended action of the user was based on a number of different characteristics.

The display will then perform a function that is based on the characteristics that were outlined earlier.  It certainly is an interesting take on the touchscreen technology and appears to be a bit different from the technology that Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 and other companies are currently using.


The idea sounds neat, but we will have to see it in action before we hand out any official judgment. If anything, the patent shows that Research In Motion is taking the creation of new touchscreen devices very seriously and is embracing a change in the core of their business. Of course, we probably won’t hear anything official about this for quite some time so it is probably best that you just focus on their confirmed upcoming releases instead of dwelling on potential touchscreen devices for now.