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New Market For Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless, known for their affordable plans, has now opened for business in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  For Cricket, this is their first attempt to build a brand presence in Louisiana markets, and gives them new coverage from the TX/LA border to east of Lake Charles.

What does this recent addition do for Cricket’s overall coverage? According to press releases, this will increase their footprint by 1,367 square miles.  From Leap’s (Cricket’s parent company) perspective this new market gives them continuous coverage from southwestern Texas to Crowley, Louisiana.  The total geographic area accounts for over 27,000 square miles and nationally brings their covered POPs to 91.3 million.

CricketWirelessWith Cricket’s new Louisiana wireless services will also come 30 new jobs. These are welcomed additions to the area during such difficult economic times.  The bulk of these jobs will be provided by wireless retailers offering Cricket service plans.

Cricket believes that the pricing on their plans uniquely positions them to increase market share. Their plans cost $30-$60 a month and include services that would be more expensive with comparable plans at most competitors’ rates.  Included in Cricket plans are: unlimited any time minutes, unlimited U.S. long distance, unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited texting to Mexico, just to name a few.  Cricket also offers daily rates as low as $1 through their PAYGo plans.  For these plans, Cricket will offer their customers about twelve different cell phones from which to choose.

In addition to the phone services, Cricket will offer low cost broadband services in the Lake Charles coverage area.  The broadband service can be purchased by those who have an existing account with Cricket as part of their package, or it can also be bought as a stand-alone service.  Cricket will offer their newest market all these services in the same manner they do all their other coverage areas; without signed contracts or credit checks.