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New iOS App Reads Music Notes and Plays Them

For those of us that are not musically talented know how hard it can be to read notes. Now, a new IOS device such as unlocked iphone 4 has made its way to the market that will not only read the notes for you, but will also play them back to you from a piece of paper. The new Apple be able to stand and take pictures of the printed music notes, will integrate them into the application, and then we’ll play the notes out loud. This is an interesting application that has been created by the musical instruments manufacturing company Kawai.


The application utilizes the phone camera in order to take a picture of the printed notes on the paper, and then we’ll play them back in real time. The company has also claimed that the application will also work for hand written musical notes as well as printed musical notes. They have even claimed that the new application will also work under weak lighting. The company released a number of videos showing how the application works, and so far it appears to be very interesting.

New iOS App Reads Music Notes and Plays Them

As of right now, the application is only available in the Japanese iOS App Store for the IOS version 4.0 and above. As of right now it costs ¥350 or $4.50. It is not currently clear when the application will become available in other countries, but the company has stated that they hope to take the worldwide and make it global in both Japanese and English. They have said that they would like to release the app worldwide sooner rather than later, but have not given an exact date as to when users can expect to be able to purchase the application for themselves. To say the least, it is a very interesting application that should appeal to the music lovers in all of us.