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NGMoco Takes First Step Into Non-iOS Games

NGMoco is one of the most popular game creators for the  iOS platform and has released some of the most popular games on the operating system. So far they have remained on the unlocked iphone 4 and other iOS platforms and have not made much of an attempt to craft games for Android phones and for other platforms that have become increasingly common in recent years. Now it finally appears that the company is ready to take the next step  and offer games for a variety of different platforms. This is good news for mobile gamers across the globe because NGMoco is known for providing players with excellent games since the original release of the iPhone and is regarded as one of the premiere mobile gaming companies.

NGMoco teamed up with Bolt to release their breakthrough game Pocket God as a port for Android phones. It will be the first official release for the company on the Android platform and the success of this game will likely determine how hard the company pushes themselves into the Android market, which is already home to a number of prominent mobile game development companies.

NGMoco has released a number of popular push to play games for the iPhone 4 unlocked included the popular “We Rule,” “we Farm,” and “We City,” whcih are all based on the popular Facebook game titled Farmville, which requires that users log in every so often to upkeep their virtual farm. This same gaming style has been ported to other games that allow players to upkeep their cities, farms and even medieval kingdoms. It will bei ntersting to see how well the game performs on the Android platform as we can be sure that Android gamers would love to have access to other games that NGMoco has been responsible for.