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New Apple Television Coming Soon

It looks as though Apple is looking to expand farther into the smart television market. They already have their Google TV product, which is set to deliver high quality streaming videos to users, and now it looks as though they are looking to bring a version of their iOS operating system to actual television sets as well. The new television set would be another market that Apple is looking to revolutionize is the same way that they did the tablet and smart phone markets with the unlocked iPhone 4 and iPad. Apparently, the company already has a working prototype of the forthcoming smart television.; The new TV would be able to automatically connect to their Apple TV service to provide users with video content quickly and easily. They could also allow users to purchase games that can be directly played through the TV.

It is also thought that Apple would be looking to include DVR features, allowing users to to record television straight through the television. You can expect many of their more popular apps to be updated to work through the television, including their most prominent apps including FaceTime, which would allow users to video chat straight through the television set.


If Apple were able to grab around 1 percent of the current television market, the TV could potentially earn them $4 billion each and every year. They may also look into creating several docking units that would add extra features to the television set.

No matter what they decide to run with, Apple’s iphone 4 unlocked will be delving into an industry that it has not before and will be leading the way as they have in so many industries recently. Now that the word is out, look for other companies to begin developing similar products of their own. Apple tends to lead the way, but there is always competition close behind looking to capitalize on the attention Apple has brought to a new market.