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MobileNotifier Offers iOS Notifications

The system for iOS notifications has never been heralded by the media. Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 maintains that the system is the way it is for a reason, and they do not want their users bombarded with notifications from applications that they have downloaded and not knowing how to turn the notifications off.

However, a new app from Peter Hajas called MobileNotifier proves that not every notification has to be as intrusive as people have believed. The new application will provide users with an easily accessible notification tray, which will allow users to take a look at the notifications that have been send their way throughout the day. The idea behind the app is that it provides non intrusive notifications for applications that you want to receive notifications for, but do not want to be  interupted or have the phone make a noise when the notifications are delivered.


Hopefully Apple is working on a similar solution for iOS 5, but for now Mobile Notifier is definitely the best available option for individuals that are looking for non-intrusive notifications. Apple has not publicly addressed the idea of non-intrusive notifications or including the technology in future updates, but that certainly would be something that a majority of their users would be interested in.

In order to install Mobile Notifier, you will first have to jailbreak your phone because the application is not currently available in the Apple store. The reviews for the app have been raving so far, so there is a chance that in the future it could be included in the iphone 4 unlocked apps store, but not if apple is ever planning on implementing the technology themselves. Apple has been known to shun applications that capitalize on technology that they themselves are looking into expanding toward. It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to these claims if the app gains a lot of popularity.