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Steve Jobs Speaks on Wireless Printing

Steve Jobs usually makes it a point to release a public comment on all of the feature upgrades of their devices and attempt to clearly explain why it will help the masses and more specifically their users. With Apple announcing their AirPrint features for iphone 4 unlocked that will support a number of Hewlett Packard printers, it was Jobs to spread the word about the fleshing out of the features, but he chose an odd way to do it. Instead of making a press announcement, Jobs reportedly replied to a single email to get the message out.

The email asked Jobs why he was only allowed to print on eleven different printers and inquired about when more printers would be made available. Jobs replied to the email saying that “lots more were coming soon,” and also said that “It takes time to make a giant leap in driverless printing, which is huge.”

He does have a point. Behind the surface, all of the unlocked iPhones 4 will have to have some sort of universal driver that can be read by the printers and allow them to print the information from the iPhone. Although only eleven are available now, as Apple is able to make deals with other companies you can bet that compatibility will be fleshed out and more printers will be included with the AirPrint feature.

It will be interesting to see fi Jobs addresses the email. As of right now there is no confirmation that he actually sent it and it should be taken as a rumor at this point, but the answer does seem like one that Jobs would give to this question. Driverless printing is indeed a huge step forward and it will take time for AirPrint to be fleshed out and allow for more printers. HP is expected to add compatibility for a number of their other printers in the very near future.