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Washington D.C to get CLEAR 4G Mobile Internet Services

A few days ago, an announcement was made by Clearwire Corporation regarding their starting of Unlocked  Iphone 4G in the central district of Washington, D.C, along with the possibility of an increase in overall area coverage in future months. Approximately 1 million people are expected to be covered under the new scheme devised by CLEAR for central Washington D.C, with businesses as well as consumers being able to wirelessly access the internet at lightening fast connection speeds. Irrespective of where you are, whether on the bus or in the office, if you are located in a Wi-Fi zone, you can now access the internet through your mobile.

As part of a promotional offer, CLEAR has also launched, for a limited time period their internet services at a low cost of $15per month for the first two months with a service deposit of $50. Says Jeff, the general manager for CLEAR in Washington D.C, “We are extremely happy that today we have been able to bring the leading 4G service provider in the country to the capital city. We know how very important it is for visitors and residents in Washington to be able to experience very fast internet speeds, similar to what they are used to at the office or at home. CLEAR is the best you can get should you want to be able to experience the internet on the go.” With CLEAR, it now becomes possible to research all your assignments while moving around. CLEAR makes use of WiMAX, which is much faster than Wi-Fi due to its ability of being measured in miles and not feet

The combination of having the ability of accessing the internet on your phone while moving or travelling, through lightening fast speeds is what makes CLEAR the nation’s leading 4G network. It is no wonder then that they have decided to come to Washington.