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Netflix with Watch Instantly support announced for Windows Phone

As if we did not need another reason to get excited about the new upcoming Windows 7 phone Netflix and Microsoft made an announcement that the new Windows 7 phone will have a Netflix app that comes equipped with the Watch Instantly Technology.

While most smart phones have some sort of Netflix app those apps only allow you to manage your account and make changes to your queue.  With the new Windows 7 phone you will be able to watch movies instantly from Netflix on your new Windows 7 mobile device.

This announcement makes a lot of sense considering that that Netflix utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight technology to stream movies instantly over the web.  It would be perfect for Netflix to join with Microsoft and their Windows 7 phone to bring you the same technology and allow you to view movies instantly on your mobile device.

As an avid movie watcher and huge Netflix fan this has me even more excited for the upcoming launch of the Windows 7 phone.  There will be a lot of great technologies that are exclusive to the Windows 7 device and the Netflix app is just another one to add to the ever growing list.  I will certainly be eagerly awaiting this new device.