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Nintendo and Netflix Streaming to the wii

Netflix and Nintendo Wii™ users have just been treated to some good news from the companies. Starting immediately, subscribers in both the US and Canada will be able to stream content directly from their Wii consoles, provided that Netflix has been installed onto their Wii menus. This puts an end to the system of having to use a Netflix disc for instant streaming from the console.

Members who have the minimum $8.99 subscription ($7.99 in Canada) will be allowed to have TV shows and movies streamed directly to their TVs provided they have broadband Internet connection and a Wii console. All that is required is for users to download Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel, which remains on the Wii menu at no extra cost and makes it convenient for rapid access.

Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America President, has enthusiastically welcomed the development as it comes during a time of the year where family entertainment is so highly sought after. This natural desire for family entertainment, coupled with the increased convenience and speed of the streaming will continue to further bring families to together in even more ways than before, he says. With the increase of users and subscribers of both the Wii and Netflix respectively, he believes the system could not have a come at a more appropriate time.

His views are shared in particular by Netflix CEO and the co-founder Reed Hastings, who believes which due to the increase of popularity of streaming through the Wii. The improved convenience of streaming directly from the Wii menu is a welcome evolution in their efforts to constantly improve their overall service to customers.

The addition of the Wii Shop Channel also allows for extra games, shows, and information to be accessed just as easily, while the parental control feature will continue to allow parents to modify material accessed by their children.

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