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Review of the Motorola EM30 Cherry Red

Anyone looking for a sleek solution to their phone and music storing needs could easily fall in love with the Motorola EM30 Cherry Red.  Thin, light with a striking color scheme of red, and black, this candy bar style device covers the grounds of both phone and portable music player well.  A button activates Motorola’s unique Modeshift Technology to illuminate the keypad and switch the device back and forth between phone and music player.  With the addition of up to an 8GB microSD card, literally thousands of songs can be stored on the Motorola EM30 Cherry Red, and if you happen to tire of your own music, there is always a great variety accessible through the full service FM radio.  A standard headphones jack is built into the phone, so you can use your favorite headphones to listen to music wherever you find yourself.  The screen is purposely a landscape display to make browsing on the HTML Java-enabled browser more accurate, and Windows Media Player compatibility gives you the freedom to easily download music from almost any of your own favorite music download sites quickly.


In addition to the music player functions, Motorola EM30 Cherry Red also provides the basics for talking and texting.  Bluetooth compatibility, voice dial, and voice memo are all features that can make life easier for those who need and learn how to use them. The device stores up to 1000 unique contacts with multiple phone numbers, and a running call log with the 20 each of the most recent missed, outgoing, and incoming calls.  A 2MP camera with 8X digital zoom is included and is simple to use. The standard Li-ion battery gets a decent 6 hours of talk time or 300 hours of standby.  Wide varieties of ringtones are preloaded, and the device supports polyphonic, MP3 and AAC ringtone files, so that customization of ringtone style could not be easier.  Motorola sums up the phone nicely in their own catchphrase: “…the Motorola EM30 (Cherry Red) connects the sounds that matter most: family, friends, and favorite artists.”