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Motorola DROID Cameras Silently Patched?

The Motorola DROID camera, although deemed an excellent Smartphone, has had problems since its introduction with owners reporting focusing issues. This seemed to be especially prevalent with the camera's automatic focus feature. This problem, although not experienced by everybody, was the camera's one failing. It was thought that an update that was scheduled to come out on December 11th might be designed to fix the problem. However, the DROID suddenly seemed to improve in its focusing ability overnight, which led to the speculation that the fix was pushed out already, without announcing it.

The Good

The Motorola DROID, in spite of its previous issues, is a really good Smartphone. Its only real problem was that the camera was not able to focus properly, at least for some people. Now that the problem has been corrected, albeit in a somewhat mysterious and controversial fashion, the autofocus works great. The camera feature also offers auto-completion and automatic error correction with the on-screen keyboard, and takes crisp, bright photos. The DROID also offers a barcode scanner, which can be quite handy.


The Bad

Some people have experienced different focusing problems with the Motorola DROID, which seem to be caused by the green signal that is supposed to indicate a "locked" photo not really working properly in all instances, since blurred photos are sometimes still experienced even when the camera claims to be locked. In addition to reports of blurry photos, some DROID owners report that the camera feature is slower than what they would expect. However, some people report that the DROID is actually faster than some other Smartphone cameras that they have used in the past.

The Bottom Line

Although the reported improvement in automatic focusing ability is still somewhat of a mystery, this "fix" was just the thing to make the DROID shine. This is a solid Smartphone with newly improved camera functionality, which makes it a good choice for anybody looking to purchase a Smartphone.