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Moshi Accessories and Company Review

Are you interested in electronics, and prefer to buy your things from one brand? A great place to start is with Moshi accessories. Moshi has the perfect accessories for your IPhone, or MacBook Pro. Moshi also sells things like voice controlled alarm clocks, and their own pillows.

The alarm clock is hands free, and you set it by speaking. Some functions require you to touch the screen. You say a command to set the time, alarm, date, and it even has a night light. It is quite small, and would fit perfectly on any night side table. It rarely misunderstands commands, but you should speak clearly anyway. It is a fun little alarm clock, and a great Moshi product.
The Moshi pillows are generally a gift for children. They come as different cartoon characters. They come in a few different shapes and sizes, and are filled with tiny beads. The beads are what make the pillows soft and squishy. The outside material is made of some sort of spandex, allowing the pillows to be a little bit stretchy. The pillows even come with cleaning instructions.

The accessories that Moshi sell include Moshi MacBook Pro cases, and protective cell phone cases. They are stylish, and handy. If you are cautious about your computer or laptop getting dirty, or dusty, you could purchase a clear guard for the keyboard, or an iVisor to protect your screen. They also sell laptop shell cases, to place your MacBook into. They are small, compact, and perfect for you to carry your computer around in.

Other Moshi products include the pockiT, which is designed for small, compact cameras, and the nanopouch mobile, where you can store your IPod nano, or your mobile phone. All of Moshi’s products are stylish and useful. This is because Moshi’s designers make them to fit your lifestyle, design them to look great, and keep the quality of their electronic devices.

One thought on “Moshi Accessories and Company Review”

  • Sam Jackson

    Hey, I bought a mobile hard case for my Apple iPhone 4 about a week ago. I haven't even dropped my phone, but now I see the case cracking up in pieces at the corners. This is definitely not a good buy, but will I have a chance of a warranty replacement, or a money back for return?
    I was really not expecting this bad a quality for the price I paid for the case. Please help...