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Microsoft Windows Phone Mango The Update We’ve Been Waiting For

Microsoft has allowed a number of different media sources test out their brand new Windows Phone update which has been codenamed Mango since it was first announced. The update will likely not be available until sometime this Fall, but things are looking great based on what is out there so far. They have addressed some of the key concerns that users have had with the way that the previous operating system worked and you can bet that users will be more than satisfied with what Microsoft has brought to the table with their first real major update for windows phone users

Microsoft Windows Phone Mango the Update We’ve Been Waiting For

The 7.1 version of the device will run Windows Phone will be the first version of the operating system to offer 4G support, which seems a little odd in this day and age and is one of the main things that many users were looking for. The new operating system will also allow for threads to run, which means that there will be more multitasking options available to users. It will also have some new features that allow for deeper social integration with all of your favorite networks.

Microsoft Windows Phone Mango the Update We’ve Been Waiting For

Other upgrades that users can look forward to from Mango include the ability for voice dictation, and new multi-tasking abilities with the apps. In all, Microsoft claims to have added more than 500 new features but has not gone as far as to announce what those features might be. You can get a good look at the update for the first time this fall, when it is officially released. It is good to see that Microsoft is addressing the key concerns of their windows phone users . So far they have put together a very interesting package that will likely only be getting better as time goes on. For now, the update is being thoroughly tested and added to before its release, but Microsoft is already starting to build hype for the device.