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LG GW300 Unlocked Review

If you are in the market for a great phone, which can do more, then the LG GW300 might be the phone for you. LG phones are known for their reliability and technology. While originally considered a tool for business, the LG GW300 unlocked has quickly attracted a following for its media features and light weight chassis. In fact, the whole phone weighs less than 4 ounces, making it the perfect phone to carry with you and not be tied down. Despite its small size, the LG GW300 sports a nice 2.4 inch TFT display with unbridled clarity to display all of your pictures and videos with ease.

The phone also has a full QWERTY keyboard, which makes it easy to send texts and MMS messages in a flash without the need to use "text speech". The unlocked LG GW300 also has a very nice 2 megapixel camera which can take pictures in resolution of up to 1600X1200 pixels, which is larger than what many 23" monitors use as their resolution today. Video recording and playback are also supported, which makes it a great tool to capture moments on the go when you do not have a camcorder with you.

In addition to the great camera and keyboard, the LG Mobile GW300 also has a huge storage capacity for storing all of those great pictures. With up to 10MBs of internal memory and 4GBs of external memory, you will be able to snap pictures and store music and ringtones for the built-in mp3/mp4 player. The phone also supports micro SD cards, so if you find yourself running out of space on one card, you can carry an extra card with you.

The LG Mobile GW300 also supports a wide variety of connectivity options, from GPRS and Bluetooth to USB connections, which allow you to connect to the Internet and to your home computer or laptop. With the phone is special software that helps sync up the phone to your computer, for transferring documents and music files so you are never without any of your data, no matter where you are.