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LG G3 Could Arrive By May

While most think of phones like the Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, or Sony's line of phones when they think Android, LG changed the conversation with the launch of the LG G2. A true powerhouse, the G2 impressed with its elite processing power and even better battery. It was the souped up smartphone that converts IOS users to Android and other Android users to LG. With the pending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the All New HTC One just around the corner, it's inevitable that the follow up, the LG G3, will be discussed as well. Here is what we know about the LG G3.

The new LG G3, first of all, is slated for a May release. This puts it in place to follow up both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the All New HTC One, putting it in good stead to get ahead of the new Apple iPhone and not be too far away from the hot releases preceding it.

The most prominent feature we know about is the device's reported screen size. At 2560x1440. This would make this phone one of the first 2K screens in a consumer handheld device and slightly nudge itself ahead of it's major competitor the Galaxy S5. It's expected that the G3 will feature a 64-bit processor, once again putting it ahead of the GS3 and entering the fray with Apple for 64-bit supremacy. Camera-wise, the rumoured 16-megapixel puts it the same category as its competitors but miles behind some of the camera offerings being dangled by Sony and Nokia. Other rumours suggest the G3 could feature a water and dust proof chassis, making it possible that this phone could also focus on appealing to the fitness crowd.

The LG G3 should be another powerful offering from LG. We'll have to wait and see what else LG has in store over the coming weeks for the G3.