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LG Chocolate Touch: Review & Features

The next incarnation of LG’s Chocolate series began in 2006, the LG Chocolate Touch, is slated for release during the 4th quarter of 2009 and promises to be a worthy successor in the line-up.  As implied by the name, the LG Chocolate Touch will be the first touchscreen model in the series.  The soft-touch coating on the back cover of the device is a nice feature, making the phone easy to hold onto.  The 3 inch vibrant touchscreen doesn’t have much flex and responds quickly and accurately to touch commands.  A proximity sensor turns off the display’s touch functions when the phone is being held up for a call and a light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s backlight level according to room lighting.  In typical fashion for a touchscreen device, the only physical keys located on the front face and below the screen are a Talk, Back (which doubles as Voice Command), and End/Power button. On the sides of the phone are also a few other dedicated buttons, including a display lock, speakerphone, music, and camera button.  The phone includes a 3.2MP camera for basic picture-taking needs.


Building on it’s “Chocolate” legacy, the LG Chocolate Touch really outshines the touchscreen competition when it comes to its media player capabilities.  Similar to a music only dedicated device, music downloaded onto the phone is categorized by All Songs, Genres, Artists, Albums, and Playlists.  The album cover shows when a song is playing with all the media player commands you will need to change volume level, back up or move forward in the song, or skip it altogether.  The ability to manually adjust equalizer settings on the media player is a feature welcomed by serious music lovers everywhere.  It is easy to take for granted that a standard 3.5mm headphone jack is included, but somehow it is often overlooked by developers, making it’s inclusion a huge plus.  The LG Chocolate Touch builds nicely upon the strengths of its predecessors, while incorporating new features that keep it in line with the best of today’s technology.

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One thought on “LG Chocolate Touch: Review & Features”

  • Carlo

    As a 50 something, I thhuogt it was time I joined the smart phone revolution and after looking at many brands and models, I settled on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Why this one (1)size still small enough to fit confortably in my trouser pockets, yet with a good size screen, (2) weight/build some of the others just felt so flimsy, (3)I have a hearing loss and many phones didn't have a high enough volume for me, I can hear on the Ace perfectly even in a noisy environment, (4)touch screen is very reactive and easy to use, (5) loads of apps, though I had to ask friends for recommendations as I was in sensory overload with the quantity available. I really love Google Street View, it will be brilliant when I next go on holiday, finding my way round new places. Also like Kindle app and screen is not too small for reading, (6) Texting is so simple and I am getting used to swype, (7) camera and video are very good, (8) have loaded some music from my I-Tunes folder, though the album covers disappeared; sound qaulity is very good. Negative points battery runs out quickly if using the internet and some apps; phone has turned itself of a couple of times for no apparent reason. Would recommend this phone and already having a look at it's big brother the samsung Galaxy S for when my contract runs out.