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Let’s talk iPhone Press Conference Recap

The ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ press conference by Apple has come and gone and they have left us with quite a bit to chew on and process. The conference started off with a recap of the market share data since their last conference. Growth of their Apple Stores, the iMac, Macbook Air, and other devices such as unlocked iPhone 4 has shown steady growth within the marketplace. Their online services such as iTunes, music downloads, registered gamers, and iOS installations also grew by leaps and bounds.Let’s talk iPhone Press Conference Recap

They also discussed the sales of the iPad and the customer satisfaction rate being as high as 95%. Validation by the health care industry and also fortune 500 company we also mentioned in the data. Apple clearly wants to solidify that it is the premier tablet that has already received big business acceptance.

Toward the later part of the press conference Apple then locked into the release of the iPhone 5 along with the supporting issues of the phone. They mentioned that the new iOS 5 has already been seeded to 100k developers so users can expect applications to take advantage of the new features of the phone right away. Another interesting released is the iCloud service and iTunes Match. The iCloud is self explanatory in that you can store all you media online and the Family and Friends allows you to share your location with others and comes with very strict privacy controls.Let’s talk iPhone Press Conference Recap

Another interesting service launched is the Apple Siri. It is a voice controlled service that allows you to speak to your device and it will show the answer on the screen. They used weather forecasting as an example asking for the hourly forecast or weather forecast for a particular date. You can also ask simple things like what is the time in Paris.

This is just a small sample of the topics of the press conference. More is sure to come out in more details over the next few days.