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Lenovo Announces 3 10.01 Inch Tablets Including Netflix

Lenovo Announces 3 10.01 Inch Tablets Including NetflixNetflix has not been available for tablets thus far, only no vote will be releasing the first inventory powered tablet that will feature Netflix applications on it. One of the devices that we, the IdeaPad, will be the first device to utilize the Android honeycomb operating system that will also have Netflix available for it. The other tablets that will be available include the IdeaPad Tablet K1, as well as the IdeaPad Tablet P1. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception these devices receive after a number of other failures in the towel industry in recent times.


This is also good news, because it means that the Netflix application could be coming to devices at some point in the near future. This is something that many users have been waiting for, but has not yet come true. The 32 GB IdeaPad Tablet P1 will first become available to users on July 20 for a total of $499.99. The company has also confirmed that a 3G model of the tablet will be available. This will definitely satisfy some customers who were looking for other versions to sport the networks that they have with their carriers. It will utilize in any essay or two processor, and will also run the Android 3.1 on a cold operating system, complete with a full-sized SD card slot, as well as a USB port which has become a very popular option for those that are looking for tablets.

Lenovo Announces 3 10.01 Inch Tablets Including Netflix

With these three tablets coming down the pipeline, it is clear that Lenova would like to get deeper into the tablet market moving forward. It is already crowded space, but their ability to put together high-quality tablets could yield them a significant market share within the market if they are willing to do the work. The three tablets that have been announced thus far do look interesting, but so far there has been no indication of whether or not these will become popular tablets in the future.


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