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Leaked iPod Touch parts suggest a 4.1-inch screen for the future

By Aldo Panessidi

Leaked iPod Touch parts suggest a 4.1-inch screen for the future

An electronics manufacturer released a set of pictures to MacRumors showing the front panel of what is supposedly the next generation iPod Touch.  Better yet, we know based on past experience that the iPod Touch and the iPhone of the same generation usually share the same screen size and resolution. Just maybe the next iPhone is going to have a similar screen?

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Leaked iPod Touch parts suggest a 4.1-inch screen for the future

Twenty-four hours ago the word on the street was that the new iPhone would feature a 3.95" screen.  Now that MacRumors has gotten their hands on the leaked parts, everyone’s talking about a taller, 4.1-inch screen.  The viewable portion on the iPhone 4S is slightly smaller than the opening provided by the front panel, so that might explain the difference in the measurements.

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MacRumors also has shots of what are supposed to be camera modules for the iPhone 5, but they just look like the ones on older devices.