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It was good… While it lasted! 2012 Marks Last Year for Microsoft at CES

By Aldo Panessidi

The CES extravaganza comes to an end today.   Many new and upcoming companies vied to showcase breakthrough products and technology this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.  Like any successful mall, this convention has its premier companies at the show – like Microsoft.  Discover the convenience of online shopping at renowned retailers such as Pure Mobile - your one stop shop for cell phone and mobile device accessories.  PureMobile has an accessory solution for every lifestyle.... This is personal. This is you. This is Shopping Simplified.

It was good… While it lasted!  2012 Marks Last Year for Microsoft at CES In fact, it was in 1995 that Microsoft founder, Bill Gates first spoke at a CES workshop – at the Hilton. Addressing a small workshop of people, Gates told his freshman audience that the consumer electronics revolution would be social. In turn, the CES and Microsoft have had a symbiotic relationship and turned the event into a tech maelstrom quite unlike anything else.  Leaving your valuable mobile devices unprotected is risky!  Discover the latest innovative protection solutions... stylish top brand bags, sleeves and cases specifically designed to protect your devices from scratches and blemishes.  Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside these brand name protection accessories combine complete device coverage with sleek artistic expression.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Or at least to a pause. In Microsoft's keynote speech which was delivered by the charismatic CEO, Steve Ballmer, wherein he  announced that in the foreseeable future Microsoft would not be attending the CES event. This certainly captured the audience’s attention. Ballmer followed up with an interview with the one-and-only Ryan Seacrest where they began reviewing Microsoft’s 2012 line.  As a well-known radio personality, Ryan Seacrest enjoys accessories that deliver high quality audio.   Experience the mind blowing clarity of XMI Speakers.  Uncompromised sound quality and a revolutionary design accentuating today’s interactive lifestyle.   Our earpieces and headsets combine sophisticated style and precision engineering that deliver brilliant sound for your total listening pleasure.

The Windows Phone 7 and how it flips the focus to the consumer by making it people centric (i.e. the vision behind their smartphone’s mobile platform creation). Showing their strength in not only manufacturing their own device, but also integrating the OS with other phone manufacturers, the audience got a peek at Nokia cell phone line up which includes Lumia 710 and Lumia 800.

It was good… While it lasted!  2012 Marks Last Year for Microsoft at CES This has the whispers of “unlocked cell phone” to their smartphone strategy. The degree that Google Android has employed this has been a factor in its swift global growth. In pairing with other vendors and letting its mobile OS win over customers in conjunction with unlocked devices, they have a greater chance of catching up on some major market shares.

The presentation continued into ASUS tablets and then into the very exciting Xbox / Kinect technology. Interactive, they have touched on another love of consumers: streamlining devices and gaining meaningful, real world technology. The Kinect can be used as an accessory of sorts to the Lumia 900 (or perhaps the other way around?!). The demos were seriously cool and would challenge even the most dedicated Luddite to play and marvel.

One thought on “It was good… While it lasted! 2012 Marks Last Year for Microsoft at CES”

  • Anisam

    Considering the iPhone 4 had major signal drops, blkrebacries have stronger antenna and UMA built in, as well as good security on their communication platform, I wouldn't be surprised if BB10 did have superior communication to what we have today. Not necessarily ultimate, but no device we out at the moment (and probably near future) would be ultimate', so meh.