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Aluminum Design for iPhone 5 A Possibility

The iPad 2 is effectively right on the horizon, but that does not mean that Apple fans are not constantly digging for more information. Now that the iPad 2 launch date is confirmed and all of the features have been announced, fans are looking ahead to the iPhone 5 for new rumors and ideas.


According to a number of anonymous Chinese sources, Apple is looking to move away from the design of their unlocked iPhone 4 and make a change for their next smart phone generation. The phone, which will supposedly be called the iPhone 5, could potentially have an aluminum case with an antenna that features the Apple logo. This would be done because Apple received a lot of heat for the design of the iPhone 4 when it was first released. The way that the hand gripped the phone made it impossible for users to receive great reception while using the device. Apple quickly remedied these problems by providing users with a case that allowed the reception to get to the device.

The aluminum design would eliminate any of these problems, and would signal a major shift in the direction that Apple is heading with the iPhone 4 unlocked. Of course, none of this information has even been addressed by high ranking members at Apple, so do not take these rumors as fact that this time. You can expect to hear more information about the device sometime in June, just before the company is scheduled to release the device. Apple has made it a habit to not release more information than they have to when it comes to upcoming devices, and releasing the information very close to the actual release of the device to build anticipation and either confirm or deny the rumors that are out there prior to the release of the information.