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iPhone 4 Customers to Receive Cash or Bumper Case

By Aldo Panessidi

Today Apple can seemingly do no wrong. But if you think back a couple of years, you will likely recall the fuss made around the iPhone4 and the unheard of design flaw that had jaws flapping. Honestly, it had been ages since the incident had crossed my mind. And unfortunately for Apple, Antennagate has reared its ugly head once again.

iPhone 4 Can`t Touch This - Design Flaw - Dropped Calls

The silver lining for the tech darling is that this time the reminder comes in the form of a bookend on the class-action lawsuit that had been levied against Apple after the 2010 iPhone 4 release that caused some serious problems for customers trying to actually use their iPhones to speak with others. Some users noticed that when the strip along the side of the handset was covered it would result in a loss of signal and eventually a dropped call.

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To stem the tide of a disgruntled public, Apple offered free Bumper cases for iPhone4 buyers. Alas, they were only available through September 30, 2010 which did not appease those who had waited in line and paid a premium for the long-awaited iPhone4 – hence, the multiple lawsuits filed against Apple.

So those iPhone customers who felt cheated because of the time limit on free bumper cases will be pleased to hear that the class-action lawsuit against Apple translates into either a free Bumper case or $15 cash to iPhone4 customers in the United States. Personally, my iPhone4 is already enshrined in the protective case of my choosing. But, the $15 cash is a great incentive to buy the new running accessories or headset I’ve had my eye on.

To claim the reward of your choice, visit (it is not yet up and running). The website will provide information on how customers can receive their free case or get the cash in hand. In case you forget, Apple will be required to send reminder emails to iPhone4 users prior to April 30th.

Thankfully this design flaw was addressed with the iPhone 4S and the tech company continues to bring its signature innovation and style to consumers with products like the iPad that have made it the success story to date and an industry leader, not a follower.