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iPad3 Sneak Peek in Apple Daily Confirms Speculations

By Aldo Panessidi

Apple iPad 3 Generation Review

Can you hear the Apple machine cranking? The infamous company has yet to reach its zenith for this century according to Gartner reports and financial projections of the past few weeks and its adoring public is not likely to disappoint or be disappointed.

Tablet Sales vs PC SalesTablets will see an explosion in sales over the next four years, selling 60% as many units as PCs by 2015 – and Apple iPad will still have almost half the market by then, says the research group Gartner in a bullish forecast.

IDC and Gartner PC v Tablet forecast to 2015, when Gartner puts tablet unit sales at 60% of PCs'

The following video provides a iPad 3 - Rumor Roundup

Selling power of the iPadAfter delivering a surprisingly popular (and by last quarter’s earnings reports, buyable) iPhone 4S, we are more prepared than ever to see the company’s latest iPad. The iPad 3 has had rumors swirling about it for months now. Considering the slate is to be the third in a line of tablet royalty, it is no wonder that the speculation and press around the device could easily fit into the format of US Weekly. And would probably be interesting than reading about the

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So when we caught wind that images of the device had been published by the Chinese language Apple Daily before the official announcement, inquiring minds needed to know just how accurate those images were considering the limited visuals that had been previously leaked. We are also keeping an ear to the ground for any news on Apple iPad3 accessories

Happily, previous reports seem in line with what was seen in the Apple Daily. The case will be familiar to iPad2 users, but has the twist: a gradual taper leading from the back to the edges. This will likely translate into new accessories needed for the new slate, but that remains to be seen.

From the spec perspective, the Apple Daily reconfirms that the iPad3 will have a 9.7-inch Retina Display and an 8-megapixel camera. With a quad-core Apple A6 processor and embedded 4G LTE connectivity under the hood, customers will not be disappointed. Apple is expected to debut the iPad3 at a press conference early March where we will hopefully hear more of plans to pair exclusively with a telecommunications carrier or if the device will be made available unlocked.