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iPad3 at CES Understated

By Megan Fleet

Apple’s iPhone and iPad are undoubtedly two of its most iconic products. They were also revolutionary, creating demand for tablets, smartphones and apps that tied into customers’ existing iTunes infrastructure. With these kinds of accolades and cult-like following, there have been twinges of disappointment for Apple’s more recent launches of the iPad2 and iPhone 4S as they were so comparable in “look” and functionality at first glance.

This trend towards subtlety (and maybe towards a safer path in the post-Jobs era?), looks to be continuing with the iPad3. Attendees to the Consumer Electronics Show this past week could have perused the Apple booth and have had the iPad3 right in front of them without recognizing it as a the latest version of the tablet.

Apple iPad 3

Like the iPhone 4S, there are differences, but touting this particular version as the iPad3 instead of the iPad2 or some other such moniker seems a bit overdone. This potential newest tablet addition has a body that is approximately 1mm thicker than its antecedent. For cases and various other accessories this minimal change will allow customers to recycle their previous purchases. The exception is for those protective cases designed to be exactly form fitting.

Another similarity to the iPhones 4S, this latest iPad contender has a noticeably larger rear camera, but does not have the LED flash. These improved features in camera quality and images will win over some customers. But, the front of the device is very much the same as the iPad2.

Apple CES 2012

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The iLouge writer who viewed the device at CES did note that the display model appeared to be six months old or so. That particular detail points to the many possible changes that could take place in revamping the iPad3 in the coming months. As we await the actual release of the tablet, current Apple users can continue to indulge their love of accessories without fear of them being obsolete when the new kid in town makes its debut.