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iOS Web Apps Slowed By Earlier Generations

Some web applications and games that are commonly launched from the home screen of iOS devices are having problems using the new iOs 3 Nitro Javascript Engine. The older versions of the devices are having trouble using the web cache and the necessary resources in-browser, and therefore are unable to launch the apps. Some have suggested that perhaps the new engine has not yet received the extension that will allow it to use the outside of browser web user interface tools. Others have suggested that the Safari team has indicated in recent days that the issue is not going to be resolved.

Apple has always made it clear that they are pursuing HTML 5 technology over Adobe Flash, which Apple has had an ongoing war with over the course of the last few years. HTML 5 would open iOs devices up for web app use like unlocked iphone 4, and access to the Javascript engine is going to be imperative to the success of the new technology on the devices.

However, this could mean that Apple is just slowly rolling out the connectivity to the JavaScript engine. The company has remained mostly silent about the issue, and has not publicly addressed the problem as of yet. The new code that they could potentially be rolling out would be quite complicated, and the developers that are being affected are currently a small minority of the overall number of developers, so perhaps Apple has placed them on a bit of a back burner while they focus on other issues.

Some of these issues were brought up on the Apple support forums, which created a good amount of healthy discussion on the issue. Apple has yet to comment on the forums, but users seem to think that older versions of the iOS are holding the company back from making the changes that they would like to make to enable the HTML 5 technology and thus allow developers to get a head start on creating new web apps for iOS devices like iphone 4 unlocked.