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Introducing Facebook for the Apple iPad

There has been ongoing tension on the Internet regarding the major companies and the ability to have their software services use on competitor websites and services. Between Google, Apple, and Facebook, we see the slow rollout of support for each other’s products such as unlocked iPhone 4 and services. Reasoning behind it is that each of them uses services that are in conflict with competitor terms and conditions. Also each of them wants to preserve their competitive edge by protecting the source code of their software.Introducing Facebook for the Apple iPad

For a long time users have been wanting a native Facebook application available on several different devices. For whatever reason, Facebook has not released an Apple iPad version of their software in the form of an application, until now. Facebook has the officially released a statement that they have launched a native Facebook application for the Apple iPad and a set of features that specifically support the device.Introducing Facebook for the Apple iPad

First off the Facebook application itself is compiled to be used on many different devices and now includes the Apple iPad. There are some significant specific features available including pinch gesture support, Facebook game compatibility, and high-resolution photo support. These features take advantage of the hardware specifications of the Apple iPad which makes the user experience a good one.

This release is a good one for consumers in that it clearly shows us that we come first in spite a major competition and the ongoing battle for online dominance. If all the major competitors continue to be friendly, we can expect technology to continue to move forward at the innovative rate that it is keeping prices down and feature sets cutting edge. In the past Apple has taken action against its competitors when their applications are in conflict with their terms and conditions. Hopefully Facebook has fully considered these terms and conditions and develop the application in full compliance.