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HTC Tilt2 on Windows Mobile 6.5

The new smart phone from AT&T, the HTC Tilt 2 has an advantage over many cellular phones in that it comes with Windows Mobile 6.5 installed on it.

The obvious advantage to this is that a user will have instant access to programs such as Microsoft's backup service for My Phone and Mobile Windows Marketplace as well as an improved browser in Internet Explorer Mobile. With Windows Mobile 6.5, the users will get improvements like Flash Lite support and they will also have better tools to use for navigating pages. The Opera Mobile browser is also included on the unlocked HTC Tilt2.

htc-tilt2The address book on the HTC Tilt 2 is limited only by what memory is available for use. Every entry can store several numbers, work as well as home addresses, Instant Messaging screen names, e-mail, birthdays and more. For purposes related to the caller ID a user can pair the contact with their photo, or with a caller group, or even with a customized ring tone. Another great option is that the user can see contacts' status updates immediately, read any messages or e-mails that they have exchanged with that contact and access the call history from the contact page. Searching is also made easier by the Search Phone widget that searched a phone and all of its apps as well, including e-mail, tasks, contacts, calendar, and Microsoft Word documents in its effort to find the results.

There are other AT&T services, which are supported by the HTC Tilt2, and some of these include the AT&T Navigator system, which can be used with the built-in GPS to obtain voice-guided navigation, and it supports AT&T Music, as well as AT&T Video, so the entertainment package is impressive. There are a number of apps that can be accessed from the AT&T Tab by using the HTC Tilt 2 TouchFlo interface, also.

For business phone usage, the HTC Tilt 2 smart phone has some great options and apps, and the Windows Mobile 6.5 system makes this a very handy phone to own.