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HTC Opening New Department To Boost Innovation

They may have just launched the HTC One and HTC One Mini, but HTC has started to stumble. The company is slowly but surely starting to separate itself Samsung and Apple, and not in a positive way. Even though their phone, the HTC One, is thought to be the best phone available on the market today, the company as a whole is starting to become something of a third wheel next to the giants of mobile technology. HTC is now looking to get their horse back in the race with their new Emerging Devices department, a department hell-bent on innovation.

HTC's new department's main task is obvious. Find a way to make themselves the top phone builder. This would of course be done by making the most innovative products. In addition to creating new phones, the division also has the slightly vaguer task of working on "global distribution strategies".

While there are no whispers of any new phones creeping out just yet, what is apparent is that there is a pretty major shakeup going on at HTC. Numerous people have come and gone over the past little while. This is a sign of the company's dissatisfaction of with mediocrity.

The question is why does a company who builds the consensus best phone on the market need a shake up? Well, that vaguer part of the "Emerging Devices" department's mandate might play a role. To me it seems HTC has an image problem. Their name isn't as well known as Samsungs, and isn't as cool as Apples. It's a tough spot considering that the HTC One is such a good phone. While good products tend to sell themselves, HTC is up against the king of cool and the king of tech. This means they need to find a new way to breakthrough and get noticed in an oversaturated phone market and one built on being cool. While being good at something is usually good enough, HTC needs to work on doing it good, and looking good in the process. Something they have yet to master.

One thought on “HTC Opening New Department To Boost Innovation”

  • Richard

    Having a unique presence against giants like Apple and Samsung can be extremely difficult if you have nothing to differentiate yourself with. The real question is: What makes HTC stand out from Apple and Samsung? What are their unique features that they can provide that neither Samsung or Apple haven't? What products can they bring to set themselves apart from the giants in the phone world? How would you personally separate HTC from its competition?