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Hot Holiday Phones For Anyones Wish List

It's Friday again.  It's also one week closer to the holidays. This week I thought we'd discuss gift ideas.  Yes, it's going to definitely involve cell phones.

This week specific will be the top 10 cell phone must haves for the holiday season.

10 - Sony Ericsson W610
09 - Sony Ericsson C905
08 - Blackberry Bold 9000
07 - LG KS360
06 - Nokia 5310 
05 - Nokia N95 8GB
04 - Motorola V3 Razr
03 - Sony Ericsson W810
02 -  HTC G1 Google Phone
01 - Apple iPhone 16GB

The above list  is only a suggestion but we feel it's a complete list.  It has many options like the 8MP C905 or the hot G1 from HTC.  There are also a few old fan favorites like the W610 and the W810.  They might not have any majors bells and whistles but they definitely have stood their ground.  There is even the KS360 which is a inexpensive slider phone that was missing from the line up for the longest time.

If you want any advice on which phones to ask for this holiday season don't hesitate to call, email or chat with one of our representatives.  They are standing by to make those holiday wishes come true.

Happy Holidays from!!!