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Headphones Work As Cameras with iOS 5

Headphones Work As Cameras with iOS 5Have you ever wanted to be able to be even more stealthy with your photo taking ability? Well now you can, as one of the features that will come with the brand new iOS 5 is the ability to use your headphone remote as a camera shutter button. Technically, you do not even have to hit a button your phone in order to get it to take a picture now, which is a huge upgrade over the way that things worked with the previous version unlocked iphone 4. The shutter button was going to be the volume up button the phone, but luckily enough there is another device that has a volume up button - your headphone cable!


This will be an interesting development. At this time it is not currently clear whether or not Apple meant for the button on the headphones to work like that or not, mostly because it would allow people to take pictures even more anonymously than they already do, but a number of Apple blogs and forums have pointed out that it does indeed work.

Headphones Work As Cameras with iOS 5

Keep in mind that if you are holding your phone you would just be able to take the pictures yourself. Of course, if you were to set your phone down somewhere and snap a photo using the ovlume up button on your headphones it would certainly allow you to be even more stealthy and no one would really have any idea that you were taking the pictures. It is an interesting feature, but at this time it is not clear if it was even meant to be a feature at all. We will have to wait and see if Apple patches before the release of iOS 5 before coming to any conclusions about it. You can already see how you might snap a lot of inadvertent photos with it.


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