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Hasbro to Bring 3D to iPhone and iTouch

With 3D becoming such a sought after product trend across a number of different markets, it is no surprise that someone went out of their way to develop technology that would allow unlocked  iPhone 4 and iPod’s to be viewed in 3D. It was recently announced that Hasbro will be releasing a $30 pair of goggles called My3D which allows users to view 3D images on the screens of their smart phones.

It is interesting that Hasbro developed a piece of technology specifically for Apple products, but it is hard to imagine that anyone would find much use in the My3D goggles. First of all, they have to be held up, not only to your eyes, but also to the screen that you are looking at. The design of the My3D goggles is eerily similar to the design of the ViewMaster that was popular throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The device is said to be geared toward both children and adults, and the company may try to expand the functionality of the goggles by developing other uses for them. The goggles look very similar to a set of binoculars in design. The front of the goggles have a slot that allows you to attach your iPod or iPhone to the device so that you can easily see the 3D screen. Only certain apps in the app store will even be compatible with the new device, so do not expect to play your current games or apps using My3D goggles. This could be the start of a trend in the development of 3D applications and games for the iPhone 4 unlocked and other devices, but likely will not take off until there is a more comfortable solution for viewing.

With an increasing number of 3D products being developed across a plethora of different industries, you should expect to see more products similar to the My3D Goggles in an attempt to capitalize on the growing 3D trend.

One thought on “Hasbro to Bring 3D to iPhone and iTouch”

  • Maged

    No you definitely don't need to get an ipad. Just bescuae they came out with a new product it doesn't mean it replaces your other Apple products by anymeans. With the Mac Pro and Iphone 3GS you got more than enough firepower.