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The Google Nexus One Features and Review

It is almost time. The discussion that has been running rampant in regard to the arrival of the much anticipated The Google Nexus One by Google will be answered shortly, early 2010 when the product actually becomes available. When this finally happens people will get some answers to a lot of questions and concerns they have expressed over recent months of speculation. Probably as with any event that is so over discussed and speculated about, some will be extremely pleased and thrilled while others will be totally disappointed. Of course as always there will be that group who could care less either way. Some things just never change. However, here are some of the things that people have been discussing and pondering and waiting to see what will happen.

Many people are wondering if the premiere of the Google Nexus One will also be the first step in Google becoming the next phone company. A lot of folks are speculating this might be the overall plan.

Still a lot of others are expressing concern that the Nexus One might be limited to only T-Mobile and/or AT&T and if this becomes fact, it will severely hinder the choices available to the consumer to pick from. People are never thrilled at being placed in this position.

Still others are worrying that Google may be looking for ways to subsidize customers phones or wire services and the fact that this could open a wide variety of issues and problems down the road, perhaps even the possibility of anti-trust action considered by the government. Of course, this is a place no one wants to go.

Some people also feel and are concerned that Google may be ostracized by the rest of the wireless industry and isolated and left on its own. Finally, there are those who are just excited about progressive thinking companies and their new products. Well at least we will not have to wait much longer for the results.