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Google Unveils Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Better late than never for Google as they finally unveiled their new update for the Android Operating System, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. While it is no Key Lime Pie, the next big update coming to Android soon, this stepping stone does repair some of the qualms that users may have had with prior Android versions. Let's take a look at some of the new features of Google's new operating system and what you should expect on your Samsung, Sony, or Nexus phone.

Android 4.3 features Multi-User Restricted Profiles. What this does is also a person to control which apps are used by certain users of the device. While less prudent on a phone, this app would be extremely useful at the tablet level as more tablets are considered shared devices amongst family and friends. This is a boost from the original system which allowed for the creation of profiles but did not allow for the creation of restrictions on said profiles. This feature also marks a step up on IOS machines, as devices like the iPad and iPad Mini have yet to develop a system that enables the creation of users.

In what in considered a big step for Android gamers, the new operating system will feature Open GL ES 3.0. What is that you ask? It essentially is a software upgrade that allows programs to run more efficiently, and frankly, just plain better. This will improve gaming on every level on Android devices which is sure to please the both old and new Android gamers alike.

Ultimately, most of the improvements to Android's flagship operating system would best be described as under the hood. While there are no new sexy features to discuss, the jump to 4.3 will makes things run easier for gamers, and introduce some profile management tools. While Jelly Bean will still satisfy an Android users sweet tooth, the table is now set for Key Lime Pie.

One thought on “Google Unveils Android 4.3 Jelly Bean”

  • Richard

    There's a lot of beneficial featurs for the Android Operating System with this new update. Gamers will definitely be impressed to know that their games will run much better thanks to Jelly Bean 4.3. It's also great to restrict certain apps when you're sharing your device with others and don't want them having access to certain information. It seems like a subtle update but if it improves functionality, it's definitely worth it!