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Google Sees Future Changes in Handset Makers World

With one purchasing decision, Google has initiated forecasts for big changes in the world of the typical handset maker. Google has announced a new software platform. Google has accompanied that announcement with revelations about a new cooperation with top wireless companies.

Technology companies such as HTC and Motorola, in combination with chipmakers such as Qualcomm are working with Google on the roll out of new offerings for cell phone users. That roll out should provide handset makers with a green light for the development of innovative new applications.


The announced cooperation between Google and some of the big names in wireless technology frees handset makers from the restrictions imposed by any single type of device. Google’s latest business move gives each handset maker the freedom to introduce all manner of adaptations. Now, none of those adaptations needs to require software that is tied one specific hand held device.

In order to fully appreciate how the world has changed for the average handset maker, one might want to think of a world in which each handset had been designed for predicting one type of precipitation—either snow, hail, sleet or rain. That was the sort of world that handset makers lived in prior to this latest Google announcement.

In that “old world” hand set makers had to pay attention to the restrictions that went with the single type of precipitation that each of that maker’s gadgets had been designed to predict. In the “new world” that Google has ushered in, today’s handset makers have the ability to work on a device that can “predict any type of precipitation.” In other words, those hand set makers can introduce innovations that work with a new network of software, and thus work with any type of hand held device.

Google has given handset makers a bright and sunny forecast.