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Google Gets Android 1.6 in on Navigation Fun

Google Maps Navigation is now available for Android 1.6. It is noteworthy that Google had launched the application earlier for Android 2.0 but 1.6 was left out. Various cell phone handset owners who had Android 1.6 on their phones were disappointed, but there’s a reason for them to be ecstatic now.  A large number of users love the navigation because it is free and gives turn by turn directions of maps.

Google has been providing free mapping software for a variety of smartphones. Though Google’s free services might be killing market for other small service providers who generate revenue by selling their navigational applications, yet the good news for users is that Google Maps Navigation, which was earlier available for Android 2.0 is now available for Android 1.6 also. There’s no monthly fee and since the application connects to internet, you don’t need to purchase any updates of map.

Phones running Android 1.6 can download an updated version from Android Market now. The early adopters of the Android platform were left out since the navigation facility was not for latest version of Android. It is noteworthy that earlier Google earlier announced that Android 2.0 will be running its navigation application.

The phones that were left out earlier from the Google Map Navigation can take a sigh of relief as their cell phones running on Android 1.6 will also be able to use the navigation facility. Google only recently made the announcement that its navigation facility will be available for Android 1.6 also. The application is free of cost and provides directions by using Smartphone’s embedded GPS and internet connection.

Several other services which provide paid services for navigational applications would be hit as the latest announcement by Google will kill their market. This will be a tough time for them. Anyways, users will have a great time using the navigational application running on their mobile handsets.