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Gmail Receives Android Update, Adds Label Ringtones

The Gmail application for Android devices such as unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Xperia Play, etc.. has received its update and will now allow for users to add label specific ring tones. They continually update their application for the Android operating system but the new version, which is version 2.3.5 is going to make it even better. The two top features that they are going to include will be the ability to only sync high priority messages within your inbox, which should save a little bit of battery life and keep unimportant messages away from you so that you are not distracted, as well as the ability to set notifications and ring tones for certain labels within your inbox. This means that you can separate friends and friendly and get a specific ring tone in each instance.


A number of new features are planned, like remembering the show pictures auctions for specific senders and the ability to toggle between a sticky message and all orientations. The new update will allow for the version to save bandwidth and battery by only sinking priority mail that you have labeled your self, as well as the ability to use filters, labels and ringtones. The ability to turn off sticky message actions in landscape and all other orientations has also been added.

Gmail Receives Android Update, Adds Label Ringtones

In all, this is a very solid update for the platform it looks as though it will be one of the best that we have seen as of late for the Gmail application. Google is constantly updating the Gmail application but this is easily the update that has the most exciting features that we have seen. Moving forward you can bet that features like this will become standard in other applications as a result of how popular and has been within the Gmail application. Hopefully they will continue to add updates like this one in the future that bring high value features to the platform.


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