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GliderGloves Help You Stay Connected Through Winter

Winter is quickly approaching and that means it's time to start thinking about colder weather. Now, how many times have you fumbled your gloves digging your phone out of your pocket? Or dropped your phone because your hands are shaking from a stern Winter breeze? Glider Gloves aims to solve that problem by making a touchscreen glove that can keep you warm and keep your hands useful if your phone goes off in the middle of a winter walk. Glider Gloves are offered in two very unique configurations, giving you options depending on how cold it gets or how thick of gloves you really need. PureMobile will show you these two models, the Winter and the Urban, in this blog. Here's to a safe winter of texting!

Winter Model

Winter Glider Gloves are the warmest touch screen compatible gloves for men and women. Constructed with high-quality conductive materials, you can use not just your fingers, but any part of your hand to use your smartphone on the go. With best in-class accuracy and precision, your frozen fingers will warm up to the idea of touch, tap, text, pinch, and glide this Winter!

Urban Model

Urban Glider Gloves are thinner, lighter, and streamlined touch screen compatible gloves for men and women. Control your phone with accuracy and precision using these thinner gloves in any weather. These gloves feature an anti-slip palm that makes it easier to hold your phone when the temperatures drop. These gloves are finished with folded cuff to give your already useful gloves a sense of style for the Holidays.

Glider Gloves are available in many different sizes from PureMobile. They range from small to extra-large and can fit on any person's hands with comfort. Enjoy talking and texting this Winter with these high-quality gloves from Glider Gloves.