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Garminphone prices cut by T-Mobile

Well although this has not been one of the best  unlocked phones ever released nor has it been much in demand from the consumers but carriers T-Mobile has decided to cut the price of the Garminphone to $129.99. This phone which runs on the Android OS is really not very unique in terms of features other than the corner to corner navigation system that it provides but then again most of the new Android phones have its own similar navigation mechanism. Probably just to give it a slight benefit of doubt, this handset does provide a slight edge over the services of the Google Navigator Beta.

Although the carrier T-Mobile are not saying this aloud, but it does seem like a bit of a last ditch attempt at making this phone sell as they have also declared a buy one get one free offer along with the myTouch 3G Slide and HD2 if one is seriously looking for a family plan option. However in terms of what it has to offer, then I am afraid that it is pretty meager. The Garminphone has got nothing different than any other Android device and does not stand a chance in comparison to the other high end devices like the Droid X and the iPhone 4 Unlocked handset. In fact, the main feature on which the Garminphone wants to sell is present in great numbers not only in other Android phones, as we have said, but also in a number of variants on the iPhone.

So if you have however been seriously looking at the Garminphone as an option that you might just try out, then we say that this is a good time and you should pick it up now with so many offers which are being provided but honestly the Garminphone is not a set that you would switch carriers for. Therefore, decide wisely.

2 thoughts on “Garminphone prices cut by T-Mobile ”

  • Hott Dogg

    While this phone does not set itself apart from high end phones like Droid,ipone etc....the fact that the Navigation does not depend on data connection is the biggest selling if you planned to buy a stand alone NAV system this is a good choice to have it all in one....unlike all the other phones you mentioned if you loose data connectivity (which you will) it won't leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  • Greg Sanders

    We have three Garminfones in our family now. We love 'em. The fact that we can navigate when there's no cell service is a key benefit no one else has.

    I posted these two articles on my blog about them:

    Great phone, in my opinion.